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Now showing - 15 September 2017

Naturally Gifted

East of the border between Russia, China and Mongolia, the Golden Eagle Festival takes place every year. Kazakh eagle hunters meet to find out who of them has best trained their animal. With a speed of 160 mph the birds of prey swoop on foxes, hares and marmots with their strong claws. We show you this tradition in the documentary Die Adlerjäger in der Mongolei.

Amazing nature awaits you in the four episodes of Wildest Europe. From polar bears, blue whales, wolves, salamanders and deer to the 30,000 animal species living in the Alps, no other continent offers such diverse flora and fauna.

R&B and nature go together in Hello World! Here, US superstar Usher’s song „Stronger“ provides the backdrop to footage from the wilderness, in which a sea turtle and a red fox prove their resilience.